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Main reasons a couple may file for divorce

by | Aug 22, 2020 | Divorce |

Not all marriage issues lead to divorce, but there are common reasons why couples decide to end their relationships. Couples in Florida and across the country might be experiencing the same common marriage conflicts that could result in divorce.

Continuous disagreements

When a couple is always arguing, this can create distrust and instability in the relationship. To possibly have a healthy marriage, couples must find a middle ground and settle differences. However, this may be impossible and result in a divorce.

Never speaking about issues or emotions

Spouses sometimes confide in outside parties or bottle up all their emotions. Communication is key in a marriage, and if couples neglect important discussions, issues could go unresolved and get worse over time.

Not seeing each other

If a couple stops spending time together, this could lead to the pair drifting apart. It is crucial to have interactions with the other person to maintain a stable, healthy relationship. Spouses who avoid intimacy may end up filing for divorce.

External solutions

Some unhealthy solutions that partners may look to when having marriage issues are cheating, abusing drugs or alcohol, shopping or gambling. These could provide temporary pleasure but are only methods of escaping issues, not solving real problems.

Denying treatment

Marriage counselors and therapists are readily available for couples going through marriage troubles. These professionals can help spouses work out whatever is putting a strain on the marriage, but the spouses have to agree to undergo counseling. Many couples seeking divorce do not seek out treatment beforehand.

There are many reasons that a marriage may fail including arguments, miscommunication, lack of quality time, escapism and refusal to find help. A Florida family law attorney may be able to help if you and your spouse are having marriage problems and considering filing for divorce.


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