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Recommendations for moving on from a divorce

by | Jul 18, 2020 | Divorce |

Florida residents are likely familiar with the saying that time heals all wounds. Individuals going through a divorce may take longer to heal than others, but there are some actions that can be taken to hasten the recovery process.

If someone getting a divorce has children, it is best to focus on what is best for the children rather than on how to “beat” the other spouse. It is also harmful to bad-mouth the other parent to one’s children as this can cause confusion and distress. It is good to ask children how they are handling the divorce and invite them to open up about their feelings, but children should not be used as a sounding board for frustrated parents.

If an individual does need to vent about the divorce, it may help to see a therapist. It is also important to have a personal support system of family and friends. Spending time doing fun activities with others can help someone get over a divorce faster than spending hours on end complaining about an ex.

During a divorce, individuals should make a point of taking care of themselves by eating healthy and staying active. It can be easy to fall into unhealthy habits, but bettering oneself is a healthy way to move on from a relationship. Individuals could consider getting back into the dating world when they are ready for it.

To the extent possible, parties to a divorce should try to keep their emotions at bay when negotiating over property division. At minimum, it is important to keep control in a courtroom in front of a judge who could have a lot of say in the divorce. A divorce attorney may help clients determine the value of marital property and work to get a fair division.


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