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How to preserve sanity in a divorce

by | May 28, 2020 | Divorce |

Floridians in the middle of divorce find themselves being pulled in all sorts of different directions as they work out issues such as child custody, finances and property division. Ultimately, this can detract from their emotional health. It is critical to do everything possible to preserve their sanity during the process. Individuals need to remember to take care of themselves during the divorce.

People often need other people to listen to them when they are going through something. Whether it is friends or family, a willing ear is often the difference between an issue worked through and one that becomes a larger problem. It is vital to seek out those who can be a sounding board and provide advice and support. However, it’s also important to keep the ugly details of the divorce from the children and not try to turn them against the other spouse.

Simultaneously, this can also be a time to explore interests and hobbies. While many people do not feel like leaving their homes, they are rewarded when they can get up and go out. People should also make sure to pay some attention to their physical appearance during this time. Most importantly, they should avoid the natural impulse to blame themselves for the divorce. Any conclusions about what happened should only be reached when a messy divorce is over. When the separation is happening is not the time to engage in this type of thinking.

One way to free up more time and mental energy to focus on self-care is to hire a divorce attorney to handle the legal details of the split. Being buried in the day-to-day requirements of divorce will only add to the stress and unhappiness. While attorneys cannot simply make issues disappear, they may provide a calming perspective when it comes to the legal issues that go along with a divorce and do the heavy lifting on behalf of their clients.


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