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How Even a Low-Speed Accident Can Be Serious

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog |

Nothing is more painful than not being able to show how much you hurt physically and, even worse, having to prove it. Not every injury gets a splint or a cast. Some pain you have to live with. If you have experienced a low-speed accident and were left with not a single scratch but only uncomfortable pain, we stand by you. Do not let what you feel get in the way of filing a claim for your injury and let our attorneys help you maximize those claims as soon as possible. 

Unseen Injuries 

Unseen injuries may not be visible but can surely distress your body and your life. Some common hidden injuries include interior muscle and tissue injuries. The most common, however, are whiplash injuries, also known as rear-end car accidents that can cause many symptoms such as headaches, neck pain and back pain.

Long-Term Impact 

While the low-speed accident may have seemed minor, you may begin to feel the pain days, weeks or even months later. For example, whiplash injury symptoms can come, leave and then reappear again years later. We work with medical experts to help provide information and evidence for your injury case. In the situation of internal bleeding, a concussion can also have a severe long-term impact. 

Age and Previous Injury Factors 

Your age and previous personal injuries before the accident may play a role in how the low-speed mishap affects you as well. The elderly may have a harder time to recover because of their overall health and fitness issues; they are also more prone to experience hearing loss or vision problems. Previous injuries from other car accidents in the past or personal health issues can make your low-speed collision worse than it already is. Things like a past surgery that your body has not fully healed from can add or extend pain and its strength. Therefore, it is essential you do not ignore the signs and do not use your insurance company to make the claim for you. 

Recovery Can Be Tough 

A high-speed car accident can include bruises and a few broken bones that surgery can fix. Unfortunately, for a low-speed accident, there is no surgery for internal pain and sometimes pain medication and rehabilitation are not enough. This process of recovery can be long and nerve-racking. At Holman Law, we understand your economic losses, not to mention pain and suffering, which is why we work to maximize your injury claim, including wrongful insurance claim settlements such as Colossus. Recovery can be tough, but your claim doesn’t have to be. 

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