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Common Misconceptions About Spousal Support and Alimony

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Blog |

Divorce is a common occurrence and many people go through them every year. Despite how often divorces occur, there are still many misconceptions about what goes on after them. One of the major misconceptions following a divorce involves the payment of alimony. Below are a few myths we are going to debunk for you.

“Only Men Pay Alimony”

This is one of the most common misconceptions when it comes to alimony and was started many years ago when the family dynamic was much different. In the 1920s, divorce was pretty much uncommon, but when it did occur the men paid alimony to their wives who were stay-at-home moms or housewives. Most of the time, women relied on alimony because they have never worked outside of the house, so alimony payments were essential. Now times are different and it is common for a woman to make more money than her husband. The sole purpose of alimony is to help the ex-spouse who makes less money, despite whether it is the husband or the wife. Alimony is supposed to help during the transition from being married to being single and helps the ex-spouse live in a manner at which they had become accustomed to during their marriage.

“Every Divorce Case Gets Alimony”

A common misconception among divorce cases is that the winner is awarded alimony and the loser is the ex-spouse who has to pay them. Contrary to popular belief, there are no winners or losers in a divorce settlement and alimony is not a prize, nor is it a punishment. Alimony is assigned by a judge to help with new adjustments to unmarried life and to get by without the extra second income. If both spouses get by comfortably without additional payments, then these payments will not be put into the final divorce agreement. It is common nowadays for no alimony to be granted because many couples have dual income and don’t need help adjusting to single life.

“Alimony Will Last You Forever”

While you may wish that alimony last forever, that only happens in a few special cases! A majority of the time alimony is granted on a short-term basis and last long enough for the ex-spouse to find gainful employment. Rather than thinking of alimony as a crutch that will help you get around, it should be seen a s a bridge that helps you get over a gap as you transition to single life.

If you are currently going through a divorce, be sure that you are aware of these common misconceptions regarding alimony. Be sure to make gain as much knowledge involving alimony as possible in order to ensure you are treated fairly. If you have other questions about spousal support or alimony, contact Stephen T. Holman today.

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