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Lesser Known Facts About Pace, FL

by | Aug 12, 2019 | Firm News |

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Situated in Santa Rosa County, Florida, is the quaint town of Pace. What was once a small, rural community has grown exponentially into a thriving suburb of Pensacola. Over the years, Pace has experienced a lot of commercial and real estate growth but behind the big box stores is a city with a unique history. Take some time to learn more about this ever-evolving town in northwest Florida.


The state of Florida has a rich Native American history. Several of Florida’s cities’ and counties’ names reference many of the earlier tribes. So does Pace have a connection to the same ancestry? Well, yes and no. While the area was once occupied by the Chumuckla Indians, Pace is named after Georgia businessman James G. Pace. In 1907, it was Pace who bought and re-built a timber mill that had been destroyed by a hurricane. Pace was responsible in bringing structure and employment to the struggling community. Before the town received its name in 1912, it is also referred to as Floridatown and Pea Ridge. Parts of the town still reference these former namesakes, including the Floridatown community just outside of Pace, Floridatown Park and Pea Ridge Elementary.

Jackson’s Oak

If you plan on purchasing real estate property in Pace, you may be next door to a former president’s sleeping quarters! Yes, the origins of Pace go back further than being a lumber and milling town. Legend has it that, in 1818, Andrew Jackson and his troops once camped and slept under a large oak tree that locals refer to as “Jackson’s Oak.” This area is now home to waterfront property known as Jackson Estates.

Home to Top-Performing Schools

A small community and great schools normally go hand-in-hand and Pace is no exception. The public schools in Pace are administered by one of the best school districts in the state, the Santa Rosa County School District. Pace schools receive high ranks each year according to the Florida Department of Education.

Quality of Life Aspects

Great schools, affordable housing and nearby shopping all make a city attractive, don’t they? How about quick access to beautiful, emerald waters and white sandy beaches? Well, these are all attributes that Pace offers! Pace is also a great choice for military families as Whiting Field Naval Air Station (NAS) is less than a 30-minute commute.

Find a slower, well, pace of life in Pace, Florida. You will fall in love with the quiet and close community feel the city offers you and your family.

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