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Slip-and-fall accidents can cause serious injury

On Behalf of | Nov 7, 2017 | Firm News |

Usually, when people slip and fall, the first thing they may wonder is if someone saw them. They may even feel more concerned about their embarrassment than they are about their injuries, especially if these seem minor. But not all slip-and-fall accidents end with victims getting up and walking away. Some accidents result in the victims needing medical attention for their wounds. It is not uncommon for people to sustain injuries to their heads, arms, hands, legs, hips, feet and spine.

Property owners in Florida have a duty to keep their properties clean, well-maintained and safe for guests. When they do not, and someone falls, they could be held responsible for the injuries and sued.

Steps property owners must take to prevent fall accidents

Many slip-and-fall accidents happen when there are hazardous conditions, such as poor lighting, wet and slippery surfaces, obstructions and uneven surfaces. Property owners or their representatives must implement protocols to keep them informed about issues as they develop so they can take corrective action. Sometimes, it is not possible for property owners to rectify all hazards. They must use signs and other means to notify guests, so they can take measures to avoid the dangers.

Factors that increase the risk of falling

Some people are more prone to falls than others. Individuals who are on medications that disrupt their balance, who are over the age of 65 or who suffer from certain medical conditions have a higher risk of falling and injuring themselves than people who do not have those issues. When those who have any of the above risk factors injure themselves in fall accidents, they are more likely to sustain serious injuries such as broken bones, brain trauma and spinal cord damage.

Most fall accidents are preventable. Besides relying on property owners to do their part to prevent hazardous conditions, people should survey their surroundings before they walk on any surface. They should also wear slip-resistant shoes to minimize the chances of slipping and falling on someone’s property.

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