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3 reasons to consider pursuing child custody modification

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2017 | Firm News |

Your divorce is over and the child custody order has been in place for some time now. While you are trying to make it work, you are wondering if there is a possibility for change. Under Florida family law, there are certain instances where a custody decision can be modified. This is often not accomplished in a quick and simple way, however.

Family law courts prefer stability for your child instead of disruptive change. That being said, modification is possible and even necessary in some cases. Here are three reasons to consider petitioning for custody modification.

1. Your child is in danger

One important reason a court will consider a change to your custody agreement is immediate endangerment of your child. If there is domestic violence in the custodial home, the court will likely heavily consider a modification. If the other parent is living with an abusive partner or you believe your child is being abused, consider petitioning for a modification.

2. Either parent is relocating 

If you or the other parent are moving to a far-away location, the court will consider changing the custody order. Before altering the custody agreement, the court will determine the motivation of the relocating parent and whether the move will make the current visitation schedule impractical.   

3. The other parent is violating the visitation schedule

Is the other parent being uncooperative with the current visitation schedule? The court may consider changing the child custody arrangement. Before enacting any changes, the court will likely look at communication between you and the other parent and the reasons for violating the visitation schedule.

No matter how long it has been since your divorce, child custody can always be a tricky thing to handle. How do you know the current agreement is still in the best interest of your child? If any of these circumstances have arisen, consult a family law attorney about your modification options.


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