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Stop road rage before it starts

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2017 | Injuries |

Road rage has become a big problem over the last few decades and causes frustration in its mildest forms and even death in the worst-case scenario. The news is full of tragedies that could be prevented if cooler heads prevailed during a road rage situation. Dealing with a driver who is seriously angry can be frightening and put you and your passengers at risk. If you face an angry driver, we recommend you handle it in the following ways.

Take responsibility if you are at fault

If you accidentally cut off another driver or inadvertently create a situation that makes them angry, take steps to rectify the problem quickly. Wave at the other driver, mouth that you are sorry and give them plenty of room to move past you. Do not continue to aggravate the driver with aggressive driving or hand signals that are offensive.

Remove your vehicle from the equation

If the road rage is out of control and the other driver is bound and determined to make you pay, do everything you can to get your vehicle to a safe location. Get out of the way of traffic and away from the other driver if you fear his or her actions. Stay in control of your own thoughts and actions and take deep breaths to calm down. Remember there are consequences for your actions and it only exacerbates the situation to encourage the other driver’s behavior.

Report the situation to the proper authorities

Too often, incidents of road rage spiral out of control and serious harm or even death is the result. If you fear for your life or others on the road, make a call to emergency services as soon as possible. Give the dispatcher the license number, the travel location and direction and vehicle description to help get them off the road as soon as possible.

Set an example with your driving

If you are constantly a courteous driver, you set a better example for other drivers and lessen your chances of getting involved in a dangerous incident. When driving, stay in control of anger, do not make eye contact with drivers who are aggressive, avoid using your horn too often and never tailgate. Do not block passing or turning lanes and never take issues with other drivers personally.

Know where to turn for help

While you can control your own actions behind the wheel, you have little control over the choices of other drivers. If you have been injured or harassed during an incident of road rage, consult an attorney immediately to learn more about your rights and options.

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