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New Innovation In Treatment For Car Accident Victims

On Behalf of | Oct 24, 2016 | Injuries |

Car accidents can result in serious, costly, and long-lasting injuries such as;

Brain and Head Injuries – especially closed head injuries, in which the brain is jolted within the skull. Neck injuries – such as those from whiplash, can lead to cervical nerve damage and disc injury. Back Injuries – strain, sprain, and fracture damage to the lumbar and thoracic area injuries. Face Injuries – scrapes bruises, fractures, dental injuries, and lacerations, as a result of steering wheel, windshield, or dashboard impact. And Psychological Injuries – accident victims often suffer from posttraumatic distress and experience a significant increase in anxiety that can debilitate their driving ability following the accident. These and other types of injuries could be life changing.

Researchers are working to improve the chances of recovery for the victims of these incapacitating types of accidents. According to an article from NPR, the interaction between the branches of chemistry and physics, for example, has revealed numerous potential restorative prospects, which have allowed scientists to better understand the various components of cell behavior and repair. 

Innovation in Paralysis Treatment

The University of Pittsburg Medical Center has recently published its research in the October issue of Science Translational Medicine, regarding the Modular Prosthetic Limb and the technique called magnetoencephalography, which allows scientists to monitor brain activity and to send touch sensations to the brain.

Nathan Copeland, whose hand had been sentiently disconnected from his brain due to a spinal cord injury that occurred 12 years ago in a car wreck leaving him paralyzed, had not been able to control the movement of his hands and had lost the sense of touch.

Now, with the aid of the prosthetic limb and numerous electrode implants, Mr. Copeland has regained the sense of touch in each of his fingertips. University of Pittsburg scientists and numerous other scientists around the country, continue to look for ways to make advanced technology available for disabled persons to function independently.

New Treatments

New technology and treatments designed to help brain injury victims is quickly evolving. Thought-controlled machines, for example, have been used on patients in laboratory settings for years now. Victims who have suffered brain, neural, and other such injuries in a car accident that were caused by someone else’s negligence should choose an attorney who can help them pursue sufficient compensation to cover these new technologies and treatments as they become available. 

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