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Planning ahead for summertime child custody battles

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2016 | Child Custody, Child Custody, Pensacola Family Law Blog |

For many divorced parents, summer break is a time filled with contention and strife. Arguments about how to schedule activities around the existing child custody arrangement can define the entire summer, making things harder for both parents and children. There are ways that Florida parents can work to reduce this tension and enjoy what should be weeks of fun, relaxation and family bonding.

One thing that can make a world of difference is dealing with the summer schedule long in advance of the end of the school year. By working out the kinks ahead of time, both parents have the chance to create their own summer schedules and make sure that they are able to spend plenty of time with their kids. This also provides plenty of opportunity to negotiate, and for parents to swap weekends or weeks in order to make the schedule work for everyone.

It is also helpful for both parties to take a deep breath and try to reduce the level of contention that often arises every year during summer break. When parents can agree to work together to find a solution to scheduling conflicts, they are providing an excellent model of conflict resolution for their kids. It may require a degree of compromise, but finding a schedule that works for everyone is well worth the effort.

Many Florida parents dread the summer months due to child custody conflicts and debate. However, with the right mix of advance planning and cooperation, it is possible to reach an outcome that allows both parents to spend time with their kids during the summertime, and to also schedule some much-needed personal downtime of their own while the kids are with the other parent. That alone can make it worthwhile to put one’s best effort into reaching a compromise.  

Source: The Huffington Post, “How To Get Through The Summer If You’re Going Through A Divorce“, Jason Levoy, May 25, 2016

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