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How information can make it easier to navigate divorce issues

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2016 | Divorce, Divorce, Pensacola Family Law Blog |

Moving from married to single is a process, one that has a distinct beginning, middle and end. While it can feel as though this process is never-ending, most divorce cases will eventually reach a conclusion. Florida spouses have a great deal of control over how that process will go and should take a proactive role in partnering with their attorney to handle various divorce issues as they arise.

One of the most impactful ways that a spouse can participate in his or her own divorce is to prepare an overview of the personality traits of their soon-to-be ex. This information should be shared with one’s divorce attorney, who can use it to create a strategy for negotiations and timing. While an attorney is well-versed in the state’s laws that govern divorce issues, he or she knows nothing about the personality quirks of the other party to that action.

Consider, for example, a spouse who has been incredibly controlling and dominant throughout the course of a marriage. In such a case, a legal strategy that makes that spouse feel cornered and controlled is likely to backfire. The other party might stonewall the entire process or may become intractable when it comes to various negotiation points. If one’s attorney comes into the process with an understanding of the other party’s basic personality, it becomes possible to proceed with negotiations in a way that allows the other spouse to feel in control and powerful, even if the outcome is beneficial to the non-dominant spouse.

Another example would be a Florida spouse who is obsessed with getting a “good deal” in all financial matters and who makes an effort to leave no money on the table in any setting. In such a case, one’s attorney can present negotiation options in a way that highlights the financial benefits for both sides, and emphasizes the potential losses if other avenues are chosen. That can make the penny-pincher spouse feel as though he or she is getting the best possible “deal” in regard to divorce issues, which can make it easier to move the process along.

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