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Resolving divorce issues while considering a return to work

by | Jan 7, 2016 | Firm News |

Hammering out the details of a divorce settlement is a process that is far more involved than many Florida spouses anticipate. There are a multitude of considerations to take into account, and there is also the underlying tension that comes with making any significant financial decision. For some, divorce will lead to a return to the workforce, a change that is not always wanted. Understanding how divorce issues will affect one’s future financial standing can make it easier to concentrate on finding the best possible job after the marriage has ended.

When it comes to searching for a new position, many spouses find the process daunting. The workforce has undergone rapid and extensive change over recent decades, as technology has advanced. In many cases, the job functions that an individual was comfortable with in his or her former career have shifted, and a greater emphasis has been placed on using technology to streamline or otherwise improve the process.

Some people are intimidated by the technological demands of the modern workplace and feel ill-equipped to step back into their former roles. The best way to offset those concerns is to research the type of technology that has been embraced by the industry in question, and then make an effort to become familiar with those programs or applications. Often, there are courses that can be taken to bring a worker back up to speed on tech matters.

No matter what field of employment a newly divorced spouse is pursuing, the most important consideration is to have a solid financial foundation prior to heading back into the workforce. Negotiating a favorable divorce settlement is key to attaining that goal and should be the primary focus of any Florida spouse who is preparing to address divorce issues. It is far easier to contemplate re-entry into the workforce when one has a bit of a financial cushion.

Source: The Huffington Post, “Tips for Going Back to Work After Divorce“, Jackie Pilossoph, Jan. 3, 2016

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