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Family law issues can benefit from a team effort

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2016 | Family Law |

When a Florida spouse is going through issues such as divorce or child custody, the people with whom one turns to for support form a team of sorts. These people can have a great deal of impact on how things progress for their friend or family member, which is why it is so very important to select the right people for the job. Understanding the most common behavior patterns of friends and relatives can make it easier to choose one’s circle wisely before and during family law issues.

The most helpful and sought-after type of team member is known as the “supporter.” This is the person who is there through thick and thin, who is always ready to act as a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on or a voice of reason. He or she will never be judgmental and will only offer opinions if asked. Most importantly, supporters tend to avoid speaking ill of the party on the other side of the family law table, which helps keep the focus on the logical aspects of the matter, and not the emotional side of things.

Another good support team type is the “neutrals.” These are the friends and family members who refuse to be drawn into the middle of conflict between warring spouses. They will offer their friendship and support, but never in a way that is adversarial toward one’s soon-to-be ex. Having neutral friends can make it far easier to relax during the family law process and recharge by focusing on other things.

In addition to building a support team of neutral and supportive friends and family, it is also vitally important that Florida spouses select an attorney to help guide them through family law issues. Having a trusted advisor can make the process easier to manage and can help ensure that the outcome is fair, balanced and easy to live with. By choosing all of these team members carefully, it is possible to move through this relatively short period of time with grace, and to focus on what the future holds.

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