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Happy marriages are not immune from divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2015 | Firm News |

One of the most difficult things that any Florida spouse can go through is the sudden announcement from his or her partner that their marriage is over. While most people assume that divorce is the result of a long period of marital unrest, the truth is that many divorces contain one spouse who is deeply unhappy, and another who is utterly clueless that the marriage was in trouble. In such cases, the spouse who is blindsided by the news is also at a distinct legal disadvantage.

When one’s partner has decided to move toward divorce, it is likely that he or she has also spent some time considering the legal aspects of that process. In some cases, one spouse has already met with an attorney and completed much of the legwork toward divorce long before the subject is broached with the other party. In the worst cases, a series of events have been set into motion to gain an upper hand in property division or child custody matters.

The most important thing that a blindsided spouse can do upon learning that his or her partner wants a divorce is to take immediate action to protect their legal interests. This means meeting with a divorce attorney as soon as possible, which can be difficult when a person has not yet come to terms with the end of their union. However, an attorney can begin compiling a list of tasks that should be accomplished in order to reach a favorable divorce settlement. More importantly, he or she will serve as an objective adviser who is focused on one goal: to protect the interests of the client.

When a Florida spouse is shocked to find that their partner is ready to divorce, it can take some time to accept that reality and begin moving forward. Spouses should take the time needed to get to a place where they are ready to accept the end of the marriage. It is important to do so, however, while also looking after one’s legal needs.

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