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When dividing property, avoid the urge to rush

On Behalf of | Sep 16, 2015 | Firm News |

One of the most challenging aspects of any divorce is the property division process. A great many spouses in Florida and across the nation hate negotiations, whether they are buying a car, negotiating a business deal or working out the details of their divorce. That said, dividing property is crucial to one’s future financial stability, and it is a process that should never be rushed.

Many spouses who enter into the divorce process are looking forward to the conclusion of the matter, and with good reason. They are uncomfortable with the uncertainties surrounding divorce and are often excited about moving on with their lives. While it may be appealing to try and rush through the details, this is never a wise approach.

The matter in which marital property is divided will have a great deal of impact on each spouse’s financial standing in the months and years to come. This is a process that demands one’s full attention, and it’s where additional input from legal or financial advisors can be helpful. Agreeing to the terms set forth by one’s spouse in an effort to move the process forward more swiftly is a mistake and one that can lead to significant losses.

No one wants to remain in divorce limbo for longer than is necessary, and few in Florida relish the thought of extensive negotiations. However, dividing property takes time, and couples with a complex base of wealth will require more time than those with a more simplified asset base.  Spouses should remember that this is time well spent if the outcome is a fair division of marital wealth that allows both parties the chance to move forward with a high degree of financial stability.

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