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The divorce process is different for young spouses

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2015 | Firm News |

Most Florida residents are aware of the marriage and divorce statistics for couples who choose to wed in their early 20s. Despite the somewhat dire outlook painted by those statistics, many couples choose to take the plunge and say their vows as they enter into adulthood, for better or for worse. As things turn out, many of those couples will seek divorce soon after, and some will find that the divorce process is different from what they may have expected.

In many ways, divorcing in your 20s is a far easier process than it is for couples who decide to go their separate ways later in life. Spouses who are still young have often not yet amassed any significant wealth, and many do not have children. Because property division and child custody are the two most contentious parts of most divorce cases, couples in their 20s may have an easier time transitioning from married to single.

While there may not be a great deal of wealth to divide during such a divorce, many couples do have significant debt that must be addressed within the divorce process. It is important to understand that even though a divorce agreement might state that one party is responsible for paying off a particular account, there is no guarantee that such repayment will actually occur. Creditors can and will pursue both parties for repayment, when applicable, regardless of the arrangement worked out within the divorce. Spouses may want to focus on using whatever assets they have available to pay off as many of their marital debts as possible.

While the end of a marriage is rarely a happy occasion, many Florida spouses in their 20s find that the divorce process is far easier to manage than they anticipated. Removing property division and child custody matters from the table can make it easier for spouses to focus on the tasks at hand. It also gives them the chance to turn their attention toward building a foundation for their future, which is important during a challenging time.

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