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Is it possible to predict the chance of divorce?

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2015 | Firm News |

Married couples in Florida and elsewhere tend to go through a range of ups and downs over the years, which is perfectly normal. During times of trouble, many spouses worry about whether their union is a healthy one, or if their marriage may be headed for divorce. While it is impossible to know for certain whether a couple will make it through a rough patch and preserve their marriage, one social scientist believes that he has determined two patterns of behavior that often precede the decision to end a marriage.

Both patterns pertain to how a couple deals with conflict. On the one hand, those who are unable to resolve their differences in a healthy manner are likely to experience problems within their relationship. They can become mired in a negative cycle, in which one issue can taint other, unrelated matters. For some, it can be extremely difficult to move beyond this negative pattern, which can destroy the relationship. This can lead to a relatively short marriage.

On the other hand, avoiding conflict can also be a problem. Couples who take the “agree to disagree” approach can find that a high level of tension builds up over time. Without resolving problems as they occur, a sort of cumulative effect can occur, which can breed resentment and destroy a marriage. Couples who fail to properly address issues of contention may remain married and unhappy for many years before ultimately heading for divorce.

These findings underscore the importance of maintaining healthy and respectful conflict resolution techniques within a marriage. In some cases, spouses who struggle with these matters can work to find a solution. However, for some Florida couples, the best possible option lies in divorce. Many spouses who emerge from a union in which conflict played a negative role will go on to seek a more healthy means of moving past disagreement in future relationships.

Source: businessinsider.com, “Psychologist says these 2 patterns of behavior are the most common signs that a couple is going to divorce“, Erin Brodwin, June 11, 2015

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