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Mother denied child custody in bitter case

On Behalf of | May 7, 2015 | Firm News |

When a romantic relationship ends, the former partners are often left with hurt feelings and, in some cases, bitterness. As a result, some who have children together often have a hard time agreeing on what is in the best interest of their children. In a case such as this, a Florida family court may have to step in a make a determination. An out-of-state judge recently made a child custody ruling in a contentious case involving three children.

The case involved a former couple who had two children together. While a third wasn’t the man’s biological child, he had acted as her father since she was a young child. The former couple had created an agreement in 2007 to share custody of the three children. However, their mother requested that their agreement be voided in 2014.

The dispute became extremely contentious. The woman even reportedly aired her complaints about the father and the court system on social media, upsetting her oldest child and resulting in a court order banning the use of social media as a way to attack her ex-boyfriend. In a recent order, the judge awarded primary physical custody of all three children to the man, finding that living with their father was in their best interest by far. Their mother was awarded joint legal custody and visitation.

Many parents in Florida have found themselves in a position where they feel like the best interests of their child or children are not being met. A family court can help. However, it may be necessary to have an experienced advocate to represent the interests of a parent in a child custody proceeding so as to pursue an arrangement that is in the best interests of any children involved and also fairly considers the rights of each parent.

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