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Mother loses child custody following school presentation

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2015 | Firm News |

Child custody cases can be difficult for everyone involved. Florida parents find this even more intimidating when their children are taken by child protective services. A boy’s presentation at an anti-drug event in school may have cost his mother child custody. The boy was placed with child protective services after authorities discovered marijuana in the mother’s home.

During a drug presentation at school, the boy mentioned that there were drugs being used in the home by his mother and other adults. School staff members contacted authorities, and from there, officers visited the mother’s residence. Initially, the mother refused to allow officers to enter her home, and in turn, they obtained a search warrant. After entering the home, authorities allegedly discovered marijuana, a cannabis oil lab and other items, resulting in the child being placed in protective custody.

Police say that over a pound of marijuana was found. At a recent court hearing, the court took away custody on a temporary basis. The mother informed the court that she used the marijuana to treat a condition called Crohn’s disease. No further details about the case were reported.

Child custody battles can be emotional for parents and the children. It is even more so when parents are faced with knowing that losing their child for an extended period of time is real. Parents who are affected by this have the right to explore their options and gain an understanding of their legal rights. An experienced family law attorney in Florida can suggest appropriate steps to pursue relief in protection of parental rights and consistent with the best interest of any children involved.

Source: kcur.org, “Child Custody Case In Garden City Stirs Medical Marijuana Debate“, Andy Marso and Ashley Booker, April. 20, 2015

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