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Man arrested for owing large amount in child support

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2015 | Child Support |

Courts typically order child support to be paid to the parent who has primary custody of the child. Unfortunately, there are circumstances that arise that make it almost impossible for child support to be paid. Florida blog readers may be interested in reading about a man who allegedly owes almost $400,000 in child support.

Authorities had conducted an investigation on the man for the last four years. He ignored court appearances and was able to avoid warrants for years. He was noted as being a deadbeat father, and authorities caught up with him on a recent Thursday. They were able to apprehend him after staking out a female acquaintance’s home. According to reports, he is delinquent on $368,000 in child support for multiple children, and he has 24 pending cases for support.

When police approached him at a traffic stop, he initially gave them a different name. However, when police showed him photos of himself, he finally admitted his identity. He is being held at a county jail and is expected to remain there for one year for his warrants for contempt of court.

Paying child support is not an option; it is a requirement in order for children to have basic necessities. Failure to pay child support can land non-custodial parents in jail and can also deprive children. Parents who are owed child support have options to file documents with their local county courts or can contact their local child support enforcement agencies. In addition, an experienced family law attorney in Florida can answer any questions one has.

Source: fox8.com, “Man accused of owing nearly $400,000 in child support arrested“, Lorrie Taylor, Feb. 2, 2015

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