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Harold Hamm files appeal for divorce decision

On Behalf of | Dec 31, 2014 | Firm News |

Sometimes, when a divorce has already been finalized, ex-spouses may wish to file an appeal. This is true for one case in which a well-known oil company owner appealed his previous divorce ruling. Many Florida blog readers may be aware that Harold Hamm’s ex-wife was previously awarded almost $1 billion in their divorce.

Originally, a judge had ordered Hamm to pay his ex-wife over $995 million, and he was required to pay over $300 million before the New Year. This was to be done by paying $7 million per month until the amount was paid off. In addition to payments, the ex-wife was also awarded a home worth almost $5 million and a ranch that is worth approximately $17 million. Due to the appeal process, the schedule of payments has been delayed.

Harold Hamm is convinced that the ruling that occurred in the recent months was unfair. Hamm claims that his ex-wife did not adequately show how the company’s value increased due to his advanced efforts. On the other hand, the ex-wife also filed an appeal because she believes that she should have been granted more.

A divorce may seem like a nightmare for most spouses, especially when the assets are high. The nightmare tends to be even more intense if one of the spouses is ordered to pay the other large sums of money. When spouses feel that there has been an unfair judgment, they have the option to file appeals within their local jurisdiction. Having knowledge of those options through an experienced family law attorney in Florida can increase the chances of having a favorable outcome.

Source: USA Today, “Oil baron Harold Hamm appeals divorce ruling“, Kevin McCoy, Dec. 30, 2014

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