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Florida couples should not be guided by fear during divorce

On Behalf of | Dec 25, 2014 | Firm News |

There is little doubt that divorce can be a springboard for numerous emotions. From anger to sadness to relief, divorcing couples in Florida experience plenty of reactions to the process. However, fear is one of those sensations that can get in the way of making wise choices during a divorce.

Fear tends to impose itself in many different places and during a variety of stages, from the time at least one party decides it’s time to dissolve the union. For instance, it’s not unusual for one person to attempt to thwart the divorce desires of another because of the changes it will bring. As is well accepted, people tend to react negatively to change, even if it’s going to make life easier in the future.

Another example of fear halting or hurting the smoothness of a divorce is when one of the partners worries excessively about the future. Rather than focusing on the present, that individual channels his or her energy on concerns ranging from a child’s development down the road to where one will live in ten years. While these are absolutely pertinent considerations that should be taken into account, they shouldn’t be focused upon to the exclusivity of practical matters.

In the best of circumstances, divorce may always be challenging on some levels. Still, it doesn’t have to end in nightmares fueled by unfounded fears. With the help and counsel of professionals in the legal and therapy-related professions, many Florida couples have learned to overcome their anxieties and begin to see divorce as a beginning rather than an end.

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