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Divorce can be difficult for children, especially on holidays

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce can be difficult for everyone involved, but it can be even more difficult for the children of the separating individuals. Divorce, if not handled properly, can seriously dampen the mood of the holiday season for the children involved. However, if Florida couples take certain precautions during the holiday season, it could make the separation a little easier for their children.

The first thing that divorcing couples should realize is that their children need to come first during the divorce process, especially during the holidays. Couples who are having difficulty reaching agreements concerning holiday plans may benefit from a pre-holiday session with a mediator. A mediator can assist a couple with drafting a temporary parenting plan based on the needs of the couple’s children.

In addition to helping a couple with a parenting plan, a mediator may be able to help divorcing individuals work together on other aspects of parenting during the holidays. Often, mediators will advise couples to plan gift-giving together and even to spend a little time together with their children in hopes of making the holidays easier on them. By making their children the focus of the holiday season, many divorcing parents find that they can put aside their own frustrations. 

While parents who are facing a pending divorce may not feel like celebrating the holiday season, they should put on a brave face for their children’s sakes. By being cordial with their soon-to-be ex-spouses, they can put their children at ease, allowing them to enjoy their holidays. In addition, cordiality early in the divorce process may set a positive tone that could endure for many years. Florida parents who are struggling can turn to legal professionals who can help them work through the emotions that are preventing them from having an amicable relationship with their spouses and facilitate negotiations.

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