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Florida men can seek alimony in divorce

On Behalf of | Nov 26, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce is often a difficult process for the two individuals that are separating, both emotionally and financially. The process of divorce is generally not a short process, and some cases can stretch on for months as the fine points are decided. One of the fine points that is most regularly argued is alimony because, without it, many spouses are financially strained after divorce. However, for many Florida cases, if the strained individual is a man, alimony may not be awarded.

According to the last census figures, just 3 percent of individuals that received alimony after divorce were men. However, 40 percent of modern households have women as the primary income provider. Due to these statistics, it can be assumed that numerous men in Florida who are eligible for alimony are not receiving spousal support.

Many divorce attorneys have attributed these staggering facts to stereotypical gender roles and even sexism. Many divorcing men from older generations refuse to ask for money from women, as they see this as emasculating. This means that there are countless cases in which men have been eligible for alimony, but have not sought it simply because of their pride.

Florida men who are going through a divorce should carefully consider their financial situations before deciding not to pursue alimony. For some, spousal support can make all the difference in the maintenance of the lifestyles to which they have become accustomed. Men who are unsure about whether they are eligible for spousal support can always turn to legal professionals who will examine their financial situations and then advise them about the best ways to proceed.

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