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Divorce Hotel may not work for all Florida residents

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce is generally a long process from start to finish and can be emotionally and financially straining for everyone involved. If the divorce does not go as smoothly as expected those involved can be left with emotional pain that takes years to fully heal. However, one program that has recently started in the United States wishes to speed up the process immensely and, hopefully, help many people, including Florida residents, have a less stressful divorce.

The concept mentioned above is Divorce Hotel. Based in the Netherlands, Divorce Hotel aims to help individuals legally separate while they enjoy the amenities of a resort and spa. Divorce Hotel recently came to the United States, at the request of the U.S. location’s current mediator.

Divorce Hotel attempts to legally separate married couples in 48 hours during their stay at a resort where they are urged to attempt to make the best of the situation. Mediators are used to help couples make decisions about their divorce, and decisions are made outside of the sometimes anxiety-inducing atmosphere of a courtroom. While Divorce Hotel is not directly connected to the resort, it uses the resort’s facilities to help the put the separating couples at ease.

Although this process may work for some couples, often a divorce is too complicated to be completed in a weekend. Major decisions are made during the divorce process and many couples are not comfortable rushing these decisions. For many separating couples in Florida, especially those with complex assets to divide, the help of a legal professional may still be a first choice.

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