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Divorce can be hard for Florida residents during holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce is never an easy process for those involved, but around the holidays, a separation can be even more difficult in Florida. Unfortunately, an especially difficult divorce at this time of year can have an emotional impact on those involved for years after the marriage is over. However, navigating the maze-like divorce process can become easier when the right support system is in place; this includes encouraging family and friends as well as qualified legal counsel.

One action that an individual may want to take to help with a divorce around the holidays is to take a quick trip with loved ones. No matter the length of the trip, it can often be beneficial for an individual to temporarily get away from the situation. However, it is critical that the individual remain mindful of his or her ultimate goal in the divorce — to achieve a favorable settlement and move forward with his or her life.

It is also imperative to be mindful of one’s spending habits during the divorce, especially during the holidays. Divorcing individuals typically must prepare financial affidavits to highlight their financial situations. Every purchase must be accounted for in these documents, which help to determine the final divorce settlement as well as temporary child support or alimony.

While the holidays may be challenging for those encountering the end of their marriage, proper legal guidance can help these individuals to remain focused on what is ahead and to plan for the divorce negotiations to come. Keeping the lines of communication open with one’s support team is generally important. An applied understanding of the law may increase a person’s chances of achieving the divorce settlement that he or she truly needs and desires in Florida.

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