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Divorce concerns for those over 50

On Behalf of | Oct 23, 2014 | Firm News |

Getting divorced at any age is not the ideal choice for Florida couples that married with the intention of remaining with their significant other for the long term. However, there are times when divorce is in the best interest for both parties. Divorce has long been associated with younger couples, but in a recent trend, more couples over the age of 50 are headed for divorce.

In what has been termed a gray divorce, those over the age of 50 make up one in four divorces in the United States and are nearly twice as likely to divorce as prior generations, according to recent reports. One unique thing that makes gray divorces different from those of younger generations is that younger couples divorcing are less likely to be college educated. On the other hand, for those going through a gray divorce, education doesn’t appear to be a factor.

One of the things that is thought to drive the gray divorce phenomenon is the idea that, as many couples enter the age where they no longer have children living at home, they come to the realization that they share few interests. This can lead to divorce where no one is particularly to blame, but it may be in the best interest of both to ensure that they can go on to lead happy, fulfilled lives. No-fault divorces help couples accomplish that while also helping couples avoid the somewhat negative perception that people can have about divorce.

With many in Florida heading into their retirement years, a gray divorce may be a reality to many of the state’s residents. However, unlike divorces of their younger counterparts, those over the age of 50 often avoid many of the concerns that can lead to an acrimonious divorce. Unfortunately, the concerns over child support and child custody may be replaced with concerns regarding retirement accounts and other assets accumulated over a lifetime together. Understanding the hurdles a couple over the age of 50 may face when considering divorce can be the first step to obtaining a relatively stress-free gray divorce.

Source: Time, “Why Your Grandparents Are Divorcing“, Belinda Luscombe, Oct. 8, 2014

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