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Collaborative divorce could help Florida residents

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce can often be a difficult process, and if emotions are strong enough, the divorce could feel more like war than a separation. Unfortunately, these types of divorces often take extended periods of time and can be emotionally draining for all involved. However, for couples that can act civilly, there is an option that may be easier on them, both emotionally and financially. Many Florida residents may decide to proceed with a collaborative divorce if they are able to respect each other.

A collaborative divorce has certain features that separate it from regular divorces and mediation. It has become prevalent in the judicial systems of various countries, including the United States, as people decide to try and politely work out their issues and separate on good terms. A collaborative divorce aims to accomplish this by minimizing the amount of time legal action is taken and help those involved work out the issues with as little emotional anguish as possible.

Collaborative divorce is similar to mediation, but unlike mediation, the legal help that each individual acquires is present during the meetings between the individuals. The person’s team of legal help is active in the negotiations of the divorce. Those individuals on the team are often trained in how to handle a collaborative divorce.

Unfortunately, not all Florida residents will be able to participate in this divorce. However, those who are able to participate could feel less emotional pain from their separation. Those who cannot could still feel less pain if they are ready to finish their divorce and are willing to work with the other individual.

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