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Florida residents may contemplate collaborative divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2014 | Firm News |

Divorce is sometimes an emotionally challenging process. If the situation is complicated enough, it could require that both parties involved dip into their own private savings or any other money that was set aside for a different reason. However, some Florida residents may want to consider a collaborative divorce, which can save everyone both money and emotional stress in the long run.

If an individual and his or her spouse do choose a collaborative divorce, there are certain professionals who are available to help the process along. These professionals can include a specially trained law professional, a divorce coach and even a child specialist if children are involved. The first two are there to help with the legal, financial and social issues that may appear, while the child specialist is there to work with parents to create a plan that benefits the child and will make their changing lives easier to handle.

This process allows each professional to work on the issues regarding their expertise so that they can save the clients as much money as possible. It also allows those involved to keep the process private. A collaborative divorce also gives the people involved more control of the arrangements, including the plan for children and division of assets.

Hopefully, many Florida residents will make the right decision when choosing what type of divorce they need. While a collaborative divorce can be fantastic for some situations, it is not the best for all couples. Individuals may want to do their own research and seek professional advice when considering which route to take.

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