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Protect personal and financial data in a Florida divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 25, 2014 | Firm News |

When couples decide to end their unions, it can often include the division of financial and property assets. In some cases, divorce can occur without conflict, but in other situations, Florida couples may face contentious divorce issues that require additional legal help. In an effort to protect their post-divorce future, divorcing parties may want to consider the steps they can take to secure their personal and financial data.

Most people are aware of the dangers that they face when providing their personal data to strangers. However, many don’t think much of providing their data to their significant others. Unfortunately, divorcing couples may want to be aware that their data could be at risk. Reportedly, people are at risk of their former spouses logging into their social media accounts and cyber-stalking, with very few people taking the steps to prevent access to their exes following the end of their relationship.

In addition to passwords to social media accounts that could potentially be used to damage a person’s reputation, exes often have access to other personal information that could prove damaging to an individual’s economic welfare. Some of the reported ways that people can protect themselves from possible abuse is to close all joint accounts, pay off any debt from closed joint accounts, and check the three major credit bureaus to ensure that the history reported is correct and that the joint accounts were closed. Finally, it is suggested that people change their passwords and PIN numbers to guard against unwanted interference from an ex.

Divorce is not always a life event wrought with conflict, but it is important for anyone considering filing for divorce to consider the best ways to ensure that they are protected from some of the potentially negative impacts that can occur in divorce proceedings. Florida couples that are contemplating divorce can be more prepared for a life after divorce by taking these precautions. Additionally, taking the above steps can prevent malicious activities that can have a lifelong impact on an individual’s credit or reputation.

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