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Halle Berry ordered to pay $16,000 monthly in child support

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2014 | Child Support |

Child support is one area of a divorce proceeding in Florida that often sparks conflict between two divorcing individuals. One party often tries to limit how much he or she ends up giving away in child support payments, while the other parent wants the maximum monthly payment possible. A judge will look at multiple factors to determine who will be on the hook for child support and how much he or she will be responsible for.

One child support dispute that has gotten notoriety recently is that between Gabriel Aubrey and Halle Berry. The actress was required to pay a monthly child support payment of $16,000 to Aubrey for the daughter they share. Berry has to make this payment until their daughter, named Nahla, is finished with high school or turns 19. The parents have equal child custody rights with regard to their daughter.

Berry will also have to pay a retroactive child support amount of more than $100,000. She also has to cover Aubrey’s attorney fees, totaling $300,000. Berry currently is married to Olivier Martinez.

When a judge decides who’ll be paying child support in Florida, he or she will look at both couple’s incomes. Some cases involve a stay-at-home parent who never worked during a marriage; if the parent gets custody of the kids, he or she can most likely expect to get child support as well. It’s essential to gain an understanding of child support-related laws to ensure that the amount of money one is receiving or paying for the care of a child is appropriate under the applicable law.

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