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Earning fathers’ rights in a Florida courtroom

On Behalf of | Feb 19, 2014 | Fathers' Rights |

When a Florida couple considers a divorce, fathers’ rights may number among the last things thought about. This is not on purpose, though, or out of lack of love for the children. It is typically because in the past, it was often assumed that the mother would keep the children — leaving the father with court-ordered visitation. For many fathers, this may suffice, but many may want more time with their children and not be aware of the fathers’ rights they have. If a father is interested in receiving more time with their children, it may be of interest to learn what not to do in the event of a divorce.

If a father wishes to see his children more, it may be beneficial to keep finances in order. Depending on the specific circumstances of each divorce, a husband may be required by the court to pay child support or alimony. Any missed payment of court ordered requirements will likely be noted by the spouse owed — in addition to the courts. Keeping payments current may also keep a person on the judge’s good side and out of legal trouble.

A divorce can be difficult if one or both of the parties are trying to keep litigation going by causing issues. It would be very beneficial to pick and choose what is really worth fighting about in court to avoid a judge assuming that person is petty. Different states have laws surrounding the intentional behavior of being unreasonable, and it may be wise to do the best job possible at dissolving the marriage and moving on.

Navigating through the path of divorce and fathers’ rights may be easier than imagined if children are kept a top priority. When the divorce is completed and the couple walks out of that Florida courtroom, the only thing that will matter at that point is the children. Keeping a positive outlook and court ordered payments up to date may be beneficial in earning the fathers’ rights that are wanted.

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