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Sperm donor case could affect Florida child support cases

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2014 | Firm News |

Florida residents have likely heard of the case involving a sperm donor and a child support dispute. The dispute began when a sperm donor helped a lesbian couple have a baby. Months later, the two women asked the man for child support. This case has interested the entire nation as people are concerned about this ruling affecting child custody and support disputes in other states.

In this particular case, the judge ruled that the man did actually owe the women child support, even though he had relinquished all rights as a parent. The controversial ruling was issued because the woman did not choose to use a medical facility. She opted to impregnate herself at home.

Florida law should technically impede any similar rulings in the state. In fact, Florida law mandates that the only payments that can be issued will be related to the donation of the sperm, eggs, etc. Parents entering these types of agreements will relinquish parental rights, and the receiving party cannot demand financial support of any kind unless proper paperwork has been previously filed.

There was a recent case involving similar circumstances when a sperm donor applied for parental rights over twins conceived using his sperm. A judge ruled against the man. While not all child support cases are as complicated as these, there will often be cases involving disputes during a divorce. When a divorcing couple is facing a complicated or contentious divorce, it is important to have assistance. Additionally, it is always best to begin with a case evaluation to determine the best options before proceeding.

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