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Football star arrested for lack of child support payments

On Behalf of | Jan 2, 2014 | Firm News |

We have previously discussed the backlash that can follow noncompliance of a Florida child support order. These types of orders are set in the court of law by a judge, and not following them can and will have serious legal repercussions. The judicial system takes notice of noncompliance seriously — even if a parent is famous. A well-known football player was just recently arrested for noncompliance of his child support order.

Will Hill has been in the media lately for accusations of allegedly taking drugs intended to enhance his physical performance in addition to other alleged substance abuse. His latest cover stories are about being arrested for not paying his court ordered child support payments. Police in another state allegedly had a warrant out for the arrest of the football star.

It is unclear just exactly how much the man owes in child support, but in many states there is an amount one has to go over before facing legal repercussion. Despite his arrest, his employers for the football team apparently did not hold him accountable for his alleged lack of payment. He is still able to play football as a result of his coaches calling his run-in with the law a personal matter.

It appears that at the end of the day, judges do not care about status when it comes to violation of court ordered child support. If there are other issues surrounding one’s ability to make the payments, it may be beneficial to go back to the courtroom in an attempt to have the payments modified. Florida court systems can possibly attempt to work with the person owing the child support, but they may not be eager to do so if the person has a record of violations on their record.

Source: nj.com, Giants’ Will Hill arrested for non-payment of child support, will play on Sunday, Conor Orr, Dec. 21. 2013

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