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Florida stay at home moms considering postnuptials in family law

On Behalf of | Dec 12, 2013 | Firm News |

When a Florida couple decides to wed and make a family together, many couples may see it best for the children to be with a parent rather than in daycare. Many mothers are faced with the decision to quit their job and stay at home to tend to their family, rearing their children. If a couple decides to divorce, it may be difficult for the mother to find employment after being unemployed for so long. It is always important to be financially capable while raising children after a divorce, and this is the reason many mothers are taking their concerns to those in family law and having postnuptial agreements filed.

Families may find themselves asking many questions before the decision is made to have a parent stay home with the child. Although financial planning is often brought up, but what may happen in the event of the divorce was not always as often talked about. A study was done recently, stating that there was over 50 percent of married couples filing for postnuptial agreements, and almost 40 percent of them were in fact women. It appears that more women may be wanting to protect themselves financially in the event of a divorce.

Financial planners insist on wives getting post-nuptial agreements, more so when children are involved. When women go to the financial planners after a divorce, it appears to be a pattern among them. They give up working, and when a divorce comes, they are left with almost nothing. Postnuptials may reduce that chance.

Although talking to a partner about postnuptial agreements may be awkward at first, it is one of the only ways to be protected in the event of a divorce. When a mother decides to stay at home and raise children, it does not mean they should get taken advantage of after the marriage has come to an end. Florida mothers, as well as everywhere else are making the educated decision to bring in family law, in hopes of being financially capable at the end of a marriage.

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