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When Florida child custody and support cases get nasty

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2013 | Firm News |

Parents in Florida know that a child custody verdict can often not go as hoped. Regardless of the rulings in child custody cases, many parents feel as if they can put the law in their own hands and give parenting time to the other parent only when they see fit. It is always important to remember that just because the other parent denies time with the child, this does not give legal right to avoid paying child support. Going against a judge’s orders can have some serious consequences for both of the non-complying parties, and it is usually best to handle such situations in the courtroom.

If a situation regarding child custody gets out of hand, it is best to continue the payment order the judge ruled. Child support and child custody are two separate parts of the court systems, so they will be two separate cases with two different judges. Having missed payments on child support can play a role in how the judge rules the next child custody case, and it won’t likely be in the favor of the person missing payments.

Regardless of how much bitterness there is after the divorce, it may help to talk to the other parent regarding concerns of fairness. Knowledge on the subject of child custody is beneficial in getting the deserved parenting time. When another parent avoids giving visitation time that is ordered, it is against the law. It is violating a court order.

There are instances when talking simply doesn’t work, and the couple must head back to a Florida courtroom. As long as there are records of complying with the court-ordered child support, there should be a fair result in the outcome for the child custody case. Being knowledgeable regarding what rights are deserved and complying with court orders can benefit both parties.

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