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Negative emotions should stay out of Florida parenting plan

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2013 | Firm News |

Florida residents going through a divorce often wonder what the parenting plan will be like after the divorce is finalized. Oftentimes, it is the judge overseeing the child custody case who finalizes a custody agreement for after the divorce. Although many divorces end with couples wanting nothing to do with each other, this is proven to not be a beneficial way to go about having a successful parenting plan.

For parents who have just gone through a divorce, a successful parenting plan is what will make the children thrive, regardless of the situation. Co-parenting peacefully can make everyone’s lives easier. The biggest thing to remember when figuring out a parenting plan after a child custody hearing is to keep emotions out of the picture.

Parents in Florida divorce everyday, sometimes for very serious reasons. It is no surprise that there can be some bitterness and anger left over, especially if the divorce ended on a bad note. For whatever reasons the divorce came to be, it has nothing to do with the children. Parents need to remember that just because a marriage is over, co-parenting is just beginning, and it will continue until the children are older.

It is natural for someone going through a divorce to grieve, but just as with someone grieving the death of a family member, there comes a time when the person has to move forward with life. If issues are so severe that it simply cannot be resolved, it is time to talk to a professional to overcome these emotions. Whatever a person has to do in order to make a parenting plan easier should be done. Children are the ones who truly suffer when negative emotions are left in co-parenting.

When negotiating a parenting plan, it is always best to be fair. One should never attempt to get more time with the children unless the other parent is deemed unfit, which the Florida court will decide. When an agreement is set for the parenting plan, it is beneficial to go into it with a positive goal and remember that it is about your children now, not the circumstances surrounding the divorce.

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