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Shedding social stigma: Alimony for men

On Behalf of | Jul 6, 2013 | Firm News |

As divorce issues go, alimony is one of the top points of discussion. Whether it is on a national scale discussing how alimony should be reformed or simply the agreements being made between a separating Florida couple, the topic is one with which a significant number of people are familiar. As so many are privy to the topic, it remains an intriguing fact that the difference in percentage between men receiving alimony payments and women receiving payments is so enormous.

It has become a socially accepted notion that women are the parties in a divorce who receive alimony. However, gender is not one of the variables that is taken into consideration when awarding alimony. It has been found in recent studies that a significant percentage of women are making more income than their husbands, yet the number of men being awarded alimony is not showing a considerable increase. 

The main reason that more men are not receiving alimony payments is that they do not ask for alimony in divorce proceedings. Alimony seems to be a source of embarrassment for men, who would apparently rather live minimally than have their ex-wives send them support payments. However, alimony is only considered a more feminine source of income due to common societal misconceptions. Men are just as entitled to alimony as women, and may be awarded alimony should they wish to seek it and can present a reasonable need.

Understanding alimony more fully could be beneficial for anyone wondering if they may be entitled to spousal support. Shedding social stigmas can lead to a less lopsided view of alimony issues. By finding information on Florida alimony laws and procedures, more people could be gaining compensation from their ex-spouses.


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