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Military divorce rates could be reduced with technology

On Behalf of | Jul 26, 2013 | Firm News |

Two people decide to marry when one or possibly both are serving in the military, then they realize that it can be more difficult than a more tradition marriage arrangement. Studies have shown a big increase in the number of petitions relating to military divorce. There is one tool though that may help cut that number down; technology. Now military families all over the country including in Florida can stay better connected.

When our armed forces were first deployed in Afghanistan, there was no real way for families to stay in touch. They might have an occasional phone call and handwritten letters that may have taken weeks to find the intended receiver. Regardless of what type of communication they were able to share it was often not enough to keep many of the marriages thriving.

With the advent of so many new technologies, however, it is becoming much easier for families to be able to stay in touch. For the deployed soldiers to be able to see and hear their loved ones that are either stateside or otherwise deployed it has been described as a wonderful way to ensure that both partners feel connected and involved in their spouse’s lives. Having a regular method of contact is one way to possibly avoid the alienation that can occur from long periods of absence and no contact.

While there may be tools that can help some couples stay involved and actively engaged in their marriages, there may still be many that will end in a military divorce. Most couples intend for a marriage to be a life-long commitment, but sometimes the relationship may come to an end no matter how much effort is put into maintaining it. When a military spouse in Florida believes that their marriage is over, they do have resources available to them that may be able to provide them with information that they could use in order to seek the best resolution possible for their family.

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