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Some Realtors now specialize in divorce

On Behalf of | Apr 19, 2013 | Divorce |

Florida residents who move to a new home may do so not because of personal preference but because of some sort of life change, such as a new job, an addition to the family or a new marriage. Divorce is another major life change that usually results in at least one person needing to find a new home. As a result, some real estate agents have developed a niche selling homes of divorcing couples.

divorce presents unique challenges for a real estate agents. For example, sellers who cannot agree on anything, or where one owner is trying to minimize the other’s profit, can make the process more difficult. It may be awkward to show a property where one spouse has locked out the other or where there are obvious separation lines drawn. Problems may arise in an acrimonious divorce if the spouse living in the property does not wish to sell.

Real estate agents who specialize in divorce understand that they may need to have separate conversations with each spouse. They understand the importance of having both male and female Realtors working with the couple. They know what to do when one partner has a restraining order against the other. They may arrange separate showings for each side of a divided property.

Divorce can be complicated. There are more aspects to it than many people realize. Having a divorce lawyer could help make the confusing process seem easier and more straightforward. A lawyer could help spouses choose a real estate agent to sell the house, negotiate terms and conditions related to the sale and could help ensure that the spouse’s interests are protected.

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