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Liberty Ross divorcing Rupert Sanders after cheating scandal

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2013 | Firm News |

Even amicable divorces can engender a myriad of emotions from the couples involved in them. When the end of a marriage involves allegations of infidelity, however, the financial and emotional stakes can be even higher. A divorce in which either party is angry with the other can lead to a courtroom battle.

When the details of Rupert Sanders’ affair with actress Kristen Stewart came to light in the summer of 2012, both he and Stewart publicly apologized. At the time, Sanders stated that he was “utterly distraught” at the distress the incident had caused to his family. Stewart, meanwhile, called the scandal a “momentary indiscretion.” She has since reconciled with her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson.

Ross subsequently filed for divorce from Sanders. In her filing, Ross asked for joint custody of the couple’s two young children, currently 5 and 7 years old. In addition to joint custody, Ross’ papers apparently request the payment of attorney’s fees and spousal support. The high-asset divorce was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Drawn-out, messy divorces can negatively affect both the individuals directly involved and other family members. If children are tangled up in the proceedings, they can be particularly upset by the circumstances. Issues such as alimony, property division and child custody can be very contentious. Because of this, the former couple may find it in their — and their children’s — best interests to seek support and information about their legal options.

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