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Same-name Florida couple seeks divorce

On Behalf of | Jan 24, 2013 | Firm News |

Even couples that seem fated to be together could face the end of a marriage if things are not working out. When two people make the decision for divorce, the ability to maintain a friendly or civil relationship can make legal proceedings easier for everyone involved. Our readers in Pensacola and Escambia counties may be interested in the curious case of the same-named couple.

The story began in February 2009 when a 20-year-old woman found a 24-year-old man on Facebook. The man had the same first and last name that she did, so she made contact to note that fact. The couple struck up an online relationship and met in person after three weeks. The couple became engaged, and the two were married in October 2009.

The man, who is from Texas, moved to Florida to be with the woman. The couple was featured on Fox News and in People Magazine. They appeared on several television news and talk shows to discuss their marriage and the fact that they had the same name.

Court records show that the couple filed for divorce last year. The man, who has returned to Texas, stated in interviews that he is happy and has remained friendly with the woman. He is also reported as saying that he didn’t know if the media coverage affected his marriage.

When divorce can be handled in an amicable way, it is better for all involved. However, individuals should not let a desire to be kind to a former spouse get in the way of what is best for themselves or any children involved. Emotions can run high after divorce proceedings are concluded, especially in cases that involve something like parental relocation or property division. It is important for both parties to discuss pertinent issues during legal proceedings to avoid later complications.

Source: NBCnews.com, “Husband and wife, both Kelly Hildebrandt, divorce,” Juan Ortega and Adam Kuperstein, Jan. 11, 2013.

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