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No child support from father for 25 kids, their mothers say

On Behalf of | Nov 15, 2012 | Firm News |

Child support is a critical aspect of modern life. When parents split up, or when they’re never married in the first place, some agreement is necessary to ensure a child is properly cared for. Anyone dealing with child support issues should be aware of one’s full rights in a court of law. Florida readers will be interested to hear about an unusual case in which a man is under scrutiny for allegedly paying little to no child support to the mothers of his 25­­ children.

A reporter spoke with the man and several of his children’s mothers — he has more than 15, according to the report — at a court hearing. One woman told a reporter she received just $5 from the 48-year-old man.

Another said she received no more than $9. A third said she’d only received $1.26. They all said they’d received no child support as of earlier this year, despite the man appearing in a Facebook picture posing with a stack of $100 bills.

The man appeared at a Nov. 1 hearing, the news site reported, dressed poorly and claiming he had no income or assets. He’d been charged with driving on a suspended license — suspended in July by a judge because the man had skipped a juvenile court hearing for child support.

At that hearing, officials claimed the man owed $27,000 to one woman and $36,000 to another.

It’s unclear what the reasoning behind this man’s failure to pay child support is, but some parents truly do have difficulty making court-ordered payments. However, it’s important to remember that the children’s best interests should remain the focus in these situations. Parents who have suddenly become unable to meet child support requirements should know that there are avenues through which they can seek help or a modification. Simply stopping payments will not help anyone.

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