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4 Myths and Truths Concerning Father’s Rights in Divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Blog |

Going through a divorce is extremely stressful. On top of that, it can be very confusing, especially when Father’s Rights come into play. There are many common misconceptions concerning men’s rights and a lot of information that you can find which is conflicting. Due to the complex nature of a divorce, it’s important to work with a skilled law firm that has experience dealing with these matters. With the The Holman Law Firm, our team works diligently and effectively to ensure your rights are maintained. Keep reading as we debunk a few myths and provide some truth concerning men’s rights in divorce.

Child Support and Visitation

It is a common belief that if man falls behind on child support payments that the mother can block his visitation rights. However, this is false. The court views child support and visitation as two separate matters, so in order to block visitation, the mother would have to take the father back to court.


Many jurisdictions believe a marriage serves as an economic partnership, which is dissolved by divorce. These jurisdictions treat adultery as poor conduct, however, when it comes to splitting assets adultery is not taken into consideration.

Denying a Divorce

Until a “no-fault” divorce came into play, one spouse was able to block the dissolution of marriage in order to force the relationship to remain. Many people did this simply for the fact of money. However, now a spouse can stall the process but they cannot block it.

Custody Over Children

In most cases, it is true that the mother wins custody over the children while the father pays child support. However, this does not happen automatically in every single case. Any father is allowed the right to fight for custody of their children if they believe that it would be in the children’s best interest. However, most couples come to an agreement regarding custody and split time.

If you have been considering a divorce and need a highly trained team who truly cares, contact our office today. You can guarantee that The Holman Law Firm will fight on your behalf to ensure you and your children receive the best outcome possible. When it comes to Father’s Rights, we have the insight and knowledge needed to help make such a stressful time much easier.

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