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Negative Implications a Child Experiences During a Custody Battle

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2019 | Firm News |

Divorce is never an easy experience, but it is much harder when children are involved. If you aren’t able to put the anger aside that you feel for your ex-spouse and put your child or children’s feelings first, it could have a serious negative impact. Keep in mind that your life is not the only one being affected by this new change, especially when it comes to the new custody arrangements. Many children have reported they experienced painful feelings during their parents’ divorce and some even suffer from these symptoms for an extended period of time. Divorce is a very painful process for everyone, but a custody battle can negatively affect kids in a variety of ways.

Feeling Confused

During the process of a custody battle, many kids feel confused because they hear their parents speaking poorly about each other. You may not even be speaking to your child at the given time they may just overhear the things you are saying to family, friends or your lawyer. Hearing the ill things spoken about each parent can cause children to feel confused and stressed. Children should not be used as pawns during a custody battle nor should they be forced to pick a side.


While this emotion is a given, it should still be accounted for. One common feeling that children experience during a custody battle is sadness. It could be related to their parents not getting along or it could be because of their new living situation. If your child is experiencing sadness due to a custody battle, it may be hard to get them to smile or seem happy. In this event, therapy may be a need or it could become a serious issue.

Low Confidence

Custody battles can impact a child’s feeling of confidence. When going through a divorce, the child may not feel the support of each parent at all times. Each parent has their own way of encouraging their child, so if a child doesn’t feel this sense of encouragement anymore, it can negatively impact their confidence level. It is important to take the steps to keep your children feeling confident when going through a custody battle.

Developmental Risks

Your children could experience developmental risks due to the length of the custody battle and how emotional it is. Developmental risks can also be due to your child’s age. If your child is younger and doesn’t understand what they are going through it could cause issues with emotional and communicational development.

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