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Reasons to Hire an Attorney after a Motorcycle Accident

by | Mar 3, 2020 | Blog |

If you have gotten into a motorcycle accident recently, then you know how hard it may be to stay positive looking forward. Insurance companies can only do so much and, if you have suffered because of the negligence of another driver, your injuries cannot be ignored. Read about some of the reasons you need an attorney after your accident and let us help today.

You are a Victim   

You are considered a victim in the case of a negligent driver causing the accident. The truth of the matter is that most insurance companies are only looking out for themselves because they are limited to the amount of money they can give. With an attorney, however, your case is taken seriously, and the attorney will work with you every step of the way to help file your claims and receive the money (if any) you deserve. Your time with us is valuable, and we understand the hardships you and your family have endured in cases of mental and physical harm. We have answers to many common questions you deserve. You matter! And so does your case.

You are Entitled to Receive Compensation  

One thing insurance companies will not give you is compensation, which is why working with an attorney is important after a motorcycle accident. An attorney will provide you with the correct knowledge of Mississippi laws that include, but are not limited to: pain and suffering, payment for loss/future wages, property damage, medical expenses and laws that apply to you the motorcycle rider. By knowing your rights, you will feel confident in realizing you are one step closer to take your case to trial, if needed, or continue to deal with your insurance company with peace of mind. 

An Attorney is Your Key to Safety

Not knowing who to turn to for help can be quite daunting. We know that we cannot undo the accident and injuries you suffered. But we do know that our attorneys are the key to your safety. Luckily, our team of attorneys are licensed to deal with personal injuries like yours while protecting your rights as we stand by your side. We will help you file correct documents as needed, as some may be confusing. We will explain everything and make sure the documents are in line with the compensation you are looking for. Since each case is different, the length of the process varies, but we will be there on your behalf through the entire process.

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