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Fathers’ rights cases can be emotionally draining

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Fathers' Rights |

For many Florida men, going through a child custody battle will be one of the most emotionally trying times of their entire lives. It can be difficult to focus on the legal tasks required during a fathers’ rights case, and all-too-easy to become mired in negative thought patterns focused on the past. While involved in a child custody matter, men must make an effort to put their legal needs at the forefront.

One of the biggest mistakes that fathers face during custody cases is to take on an unjustified level of guilt about the end of the marriage. Many feel that they are personally responsible for the decline that led to a struggle over which parent will receive the bulk of parenting time. For those whose children are having trouble transitioning into a two-household family structure, the guilt factor can be far worse. It is essential to keep in mind that relationships end based on a complex mix of factors, and that there are many instances in which no amount of intention or effort would have saved the union. By taking on the burden of guilt, men often fail to properly address their legal needs or hand over more of their parental rights than is called for.

Instead of focusing on assigning blame for the divorce, a better approach is to think about the marriage constructively. In the timeframe immediately following the end of a marriage, there is an opportunity to evaluate what worked and what did not work within that partnership. By identifying the needs that were not met, men are better able to put those priorities first in future relationships. This can lead to a much better match and a far happier outcome the next time around. Embracing this mindset also has the benefit of forcing one to think about the future, and not focus exclusively on the past.

For Florida men who are facing a fathers’ rights case, these tips can help make the process easier to weather. While this can be a difficult period of time within one’s life, it is important to remember that there are plenty of rewarding days ahead. By ensuring that one’s legal rights are protected and that a strong parent/child bond will be supported in the years to come, Florida fathers can look forward to the future, and move beyond the disappointments of the past.   

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