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Three Common Divorce Mistakes Men Make- And What to do Instead

by | Aug 17, 2020 | Blog |

There are two things we cannot avoid in life: death and taxes. While a divorce is not any less different, there are common mistakes men tend to make along the way. Did you know men are more prone to be mistreated by the justice system compared to women? In any case, it is important you become aware of how to properly handle your divorce. Listed below are three common divorce mistakes and advice on what to do instead. 


  • Avoiding finances 

Part of doing taxes comes with financial responsibility and will ultimately play out in your divorce situation. This means you need to take into account all your assets, any debts and all other joint accounts you had with your spouse including health insurance. Consider property taxes and if it is worth the mortgage. What you should do is speak with an accountant on how to properly set up your accounts while still adjusting tax rates as needed. Many men that go through divorce report the spouse taking out large sums of money from their account. Instead of taking advantage of the situation, be safe and divide your accounts respectively. Remember, it is in the best interest of both parties to equally receive shares. As always, keep records/documentation safe and have it handy when appearing in court. 


  • Wanting to start the process of divorce on your own

Divorce usually comes with many complex factors. Especially when it involves children and wills or trusts. So what is the smart thing to do? Do not let divorce get the best of you and work with an attorney who will give you the rundown on what you should and should not settle for. Sometimes fighting is not worth the headache so it is best to receive professional help especially if your spouse hired an attorney on their end. 


  • Not willing to compromise

Divorce is no love walk in the park, so we understand the emotions of anger that sometimes come with it. And while it is normal to have such feelings, it is not okay to express that anger when trying to meet in the middle with your spouse. Fighting about custody over children, child support or asset distribution is common, but often not smart. It is in the best interest that you become cordial with your spouse and keep in mind that although things did not work out, you still have a duty to split assets. Maintaining an “I will get through this by being respectful” mindset will get you farther than acting out and not receiving justice in the end. 

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