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Father sentenced for non-payment of child support

On Behalf of | Apr 8, 2015 | Child Support |

Parents who fail to pay court ordered child support could find themselves in jail. Florida residents may be interested in learning about a father who will be spending the next two months in jail, even though he paid the balance owed in child support. He is known as the father who “died” to avoid meeting his child support obligations.

Since 2009, the father only contributed $100 in payments. In 2010, he was involved in a car accident and, afterward, he attempted to gain disability status. He had told a reporter that he couldn’t pay child support because he had died. This father is not employed but was able to come up with $10,000 in delinquent child support payments. It was reported that his grandfather gave him the money.

After authorities and prosecutors obtained evidence, it was determined that he was not disabled during 2011 and, while serving time in 2013 on unrelated charges, he was granted work release. Records revealed that he was able to obtain employment at his uncle’s mechanic shop working above full-time hours, but he still did not pay child support during that time frame. Additionally, video evidence was obtained that showed that he was partying at different venues not long after the crash. He was charged with felony non-payment of child support and will serve three years of probation in addition to 60 days behind bars.

Unfortunately, there are parents who blatantly refuse to pay child support despite being physically able to do so. When payments are not received by custodial parents, it can make it more challenging to provide food, shelter and clothing for their children. Florida parents who are not receiving payments may want to seek legal support and contact their local child support enforcement agencies for further options.

Source: kdvr.com, “Deadbeat dad who ‘died’ to get out of paying child support pays $10,000, sentenced to jail“, March. 31, 2015

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